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Get your company to the next level.

Train. Learn. Implement.


Welcome to Mastering Software Unlimited, your number one source for all your Microsoft training and consulting. We're dedicated to providing you the very best of Microsoft software consulting and training, with an emphasis on effectiveness and efficiency by going beyond the proficiency level.


Founded in 2015 by Anne Marie DelPrincipe, Mastering Software Unlimited has come a long way from its beginnings. When Anne Marie first started out, her passion for efficiency and effectiveness drove her to start her own business.


If you have any questions or comments, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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Most companies offer their employees 3 levels of Microsoft training (Basic, Intermediate and Advanced). Learning these 3 levels limits the employee to be efficient and effective in the workplace.


Our vision is to get corporate employees to move to the next level by taking advantage of the power of the software. Learning and understanding the mechanics of the software is just the first step.  Learning and using the new techniques increases the productivity level. Both employer and employee produce results faster and correct.


I believe the tips, tricks and basic functionalities that you've demonstrated to us can greatly benefit our teams in our day to day activities. You truly encourage questions and interaction, which makes the learning sessions even more remarkable. - T.W.

I just wanted to thank you for all your great training with Excel. Your

positive attitude and wonderful skills, have helped me tremendously with my new position as Agency Education Coordinator. I came to you with

basic skills and feel confident now to tackle any project that may be assigned to me from my manager. You have inspired me with all your tips and short cuts. - J.A.

I reached out to Anne Marie in a panic as I had a work project that I needed assistance with completing. Anne Marie responded within a few minutes and agreed to help me create a complex (for me, not her!) spreadsheet with pivot tables and slicers to compare a large amount of data. She far exceeded my expectations! Anne Marie is patient, thorough in her explanations, and a true expert in Excel. She is super friendly too! I would recommend her to anyone looking to understand Excel, from the very basics to the more complex aspects. You would be hard pressed to find a trainer as good as Anne Marie. -R.C.

  • Corporate Training

  • One-on-One Training

  • Design Customized Training

  • Design Captivating Presentations

  • Develop Technical Documentations

  • Develop New Employee Orientation

  • Develop Technical Documentations

  • Business Analysis

  • Design/Create Interactive Dashboards

  • Available for Keynote Speaking Engagement


  • PACE 
    American Society of Administrative Professionals

  • Training for the Trainer
    Foundation of International Board of Certified Trainers

  • Outstanding Volunteer Award 

  • Data Visualization, Excel Charts & Graph 

  • Outstanding Adjunct Faculty Award
    Raritan Valley Community College

  • Employee of the Year Award
    Swiss Bank Corporation

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